Constructive Kidicisms is a kid’s clothing line that offers clever designs and empowering messages about work and home-life. Each clothing item includes “Constructive Papers” to equip parents with tips to help them communicate complex adult issues in simplistic kid-friendly ways.

Maime Dayan Vogel
Mamie Dayan Vogel

For the past two years, I have been working on designing clothes for kids with a simple message: You can be whomever you want even if society says those things don’t traditionally belong together. Boys can be macho and still love to cook. Girls can be feminine and still be assertive. They don’t cancel each other out! In addition, I wanted to make sure that kids could not only understand that they could be loved for who they are, have whatever career they wanted to be and further, what some options of career paths are that don’t always immediately come to mind. So I named my company, Constructive Kidicisims. The idea is for children to have a role in identifying and building their own identity.

Thank you all SO much for supporting this fledgling company on a mission!

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